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A sip of  100% Arabica Prime Select from Mercara Gold Estate  begins with delicate notes of honeydew melons, with hints of citrus  and a glorious aftertaste of raisins in its final adieu. The medium roasted whole  beans or the grind carries a distinct aroma of cocoa, which  grows in abundance in the plantation.

Madikeri is known world over  for the shade grown Arabica, and the cherries growing under the canopies of Mangoes, Jackfruits and Silver-Oak are carefully selected and roasted in small batches to complement the artisanal produce. 

Region: Madikeri - Karnataka
Process: Washed Parchment
Altitude: 3800 Feet / 1150 Mtrs
Best with: Espresso, Clever Dripper, Cold Brew, Moka Pot, South Indian Filter
Cupper's Notes: Honeydew Melons, Citrus Blossoms and Raisin

Mercara Gold Estate

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