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Saptagiri Estate

Sapatgiri Estate is a sprawling 65 acre coffee plantation perched on a 3 billion years old piece of continental crust  in the tribal heartland of Koraput in Odisha. Ensconced in dense tropical jungles , rolling hills, and tumbling waterfalls off the monsoon washed slopes of the Eastern Ghats , the estate  is presided over by Sushanta Panda and his well trained band of tribal hands who he treats as an extension of his family.

Exclusively Arabica is grown in the estate where canopy of mango , jackfruit, mohua and sandalwood trees  provide the necessary shade. The lush verdant plantation is washed by the annual monsoons as well as by natural springs that sprout through out the estate. No wonder it’s the freely available spring water that is used for washing the beans during fermentation. The planation is punctuated by winding pepper vines on silver oak trees that adds to the basket of harvest.


Similar to the French vineyards, the coffee is grown, hand picked, processed and craft roasted within the estate with no other external intervention, thereby respecting the authenticity and lineage of the artisanal produce.

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