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Araku Valley

Tribal Terroir- Adivasi Coffee

The Araku Valley is the ubiquitous tribal paradise situated 1200 m above sea level on the north-eastern fringes of Andhra Pradesh. Plagued by government negligence , dotted with Naxal footprints , swayed by witch doctors, politically fraught and economically marginalized, this ancient land of the Adivasis hold key to a geographical region endowed with friendly micro climate, shade lending trees and a terrain conducive to excellent coffee.

There is no single estate owner; in fact each Adivasi household takes care of the cluster of bushes next to his hutment and contributes to the collective harvest. City-bred axioms of competition, capitalism, growth potentials, economy of scale,  yield indices are alien concepts. With a sense of equity and equality all pervading, the Adivasis expect same price for the harvest irrespective of quality or ripeness. The only incentive that work seems to be the Red Truck Concept . The village producing the ripest cherries gets a Red Truck to pick up the harvest drawing a lot of

admiration and heart-burns.

Guided by Naandi Foundation along with International

Coffee Experts and Government grants , Araku Valley Coffee

has turned into a brand involving 517 villages and around

11,000 farmers all of whom are estate owners and

entrepreneurs in their own small way. Low quality berries

have made way to superior produce owing to biodynamic

farming by creating an interconnected and symbiotic

ecosystem. The soil is enriched through organic composting

and a variety of shade trees are planted, including  cash-yielding fruit trees like mango and jackfruit.

Terroirs are assessed ensuring healthier plants and sweeter cherries and eventually a far superior coffee aroma and flavor.

Our coffee is sourced from a  farmer's  cooperative  that ensures direct trade  from a tribal produce and  conforms to the unique organic harvest associated with Araku valley.

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