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Mercara Gold Estate

The Mercara Gold Estate located 1650 meters above sea level on the monsoon -washed slopes in Madikeri-Coorg   is a pristine private coffee plantation owned by  Shilpa & Hemant.  Whilst commercial coffee plantation in Coorg commenced way back in  1854 under the watchful eyes of one John Fowler , the hotelier duo acquired the farm in 1998  & rapidly transmogrified it into a boutique asset by introducing  “best in class” farm processes and practices for an optimum yield & fine quality produce.The shade-grown Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica are intercropped with peppers, bird eye chilis, cocoa, and vanilla. The towering Rose Wood ,Silver Oaks, Figs and Jackfruit trees provide a much-needed canopy to the lush cherries ensuring ambient soil temperature and enriching it with fertile humus since millennia.

The complete process of the integrated estate offers the classic "farm-to-cup" story; from the jasmine-scented coffee flowers being pollinated by Gladeye butterflies, 100 other birds, to hungry Civets sorting out beans for the best Luwaks of the estate. The entire process of the coffee being cherry-picked, pulped, fermented, washed and naturally sun-dried takes place within the estate. The artisanal roasting is conducted under the watchful eyes of the roast-master in small batches as

per the  requirement to ensure the

freshness of the batch

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