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  • Do I buy Arabica or Robusta Beans ?
    Arabica beans are considered premium and grow in higher altitudes. They are prized beans and impart character to the brew in terms of flavor, taste, aroma and acidity. Robusta provides body and density as well as a distinct crema when preparing an espresso. I prefer an Arabica for a superior and lingering taste since I take my coffee black. While adding milk as in South Indian Filter Coffee , a Latte or a Cappuchino , a blend of Arabica and Robusta is always recommended as the subtle aromas are subdued by the milk. Robusta accuntates the milk based brew and elevates the experience
  • How to store coffee ?
    Coffee should ideally be stored in air tight containers to retain freshness. Never store in humid conditions or in refrigerator . Coffee has an uncanny nature of picking up odour, hence its best to keep it sealed and definitely not in the fridge. If kept outside , its better to store in a zip locked packet or an opaque container otherwise in a dark cupboard for retaining freshness.
  • Can I brew coffee without an Espresso machine or other brewing equipmentm?
    Brewing coffee is easy. The coffee can be ground coarsely in a grinder. Once the water comes to a boil takre it of the heat. Add 2-3 tbsp or 10-15 gms of coffee to 180 ml of water (1 cup measure) and let it brew for 4 mins. Strain it into a cup and enjoy the delicious brew
  • Should I buy coffee in bulk and store ?
    Buying coffee in bulk is not a good idea until you are planning to consume it fast. To make your trip to the store less frequent , its advisable to buy a larger quantity in smaller sealed packets. Once opened, its better to consume within 2 weeks as the beans starts to lose its freshness due to oxidation
  • Why does coffee take a week to deliver unlike other products, even in a metro?"
    Everytime we receive an order , we try to roast it fresh. Our coffees are roasted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Once roasted , coffees need to be rested for degassing prior to being packed. Storing rosated coffee results in degeneration in aroma nd flavor. The finest things in the world takes a while to arrive, but its always worth waiting for...
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