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Mercara Gold Estate
Madikeri Magic


The Mercara Gold Estate located 1650 meters above sea level on the monsoon -washed slopes in Madikeri-Coorg   is a pristine private coffee plantation owned by  Shilpa & Hemant.  Whilst commercial coffee plantation in Coorg commenced way back in  1854 under the watchful eyes of one John Fowler , the hotelier duo acquired the farm in 1998  & rapidly transmogrified it into a boutique asset by introducing  “best in class” farm processes and practices for an optimum yield & fine quality produce

Araku Valley -Tribal Terroir
Adivasi Coffee

The Araku Valley is the ubiquitous tribal paradise situated 1200 m above sea level on the north-eastern fringes of Andhra Pradesh. Plagued by government negligence , dotted with Naxal footprints , swayed by witch doctors, politically fraught and economically marginalized, this ancient land of the Adivasis hold key to a geographical region endowed with friendly micro climate, shade lending trees and a terrain conducive to excellent coffee.

Saptagiri Estate

Sapatgiri Estate is a sprawling 65 acre coffee plantation perched on a 3 billion old piece of continental crust in the tribal heartland of Koraput in Odisha. Ensconced in dense tropical jungles , rolling hills, and tumbling waterfalls off the monsoon washed slopes of the Eastern Ghats , the estate  is presided over by Sushanta Panda and his well trained band of tribal hands who he treats as an extension of his family.

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