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A king's whim & an ancient land

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

The Coffee tale in Koraput is less than a century old. It all started in the early 1930s when the Maharaja of Koraput planted a few coffee seeds to ensure his breakfast table never fell short of the bewitching brew. Within a decade the coffee saplings took fancy to the new terroir & the micro-climate of the Eastern Ghats . The tribal folks found a better crop to raise which they interplanted with mango & jackfruit trees with pepper-vines crawling up the trunks to augment the harvest.

Saptagiri in the heart of Koraput lies on a 3 billion years old piece of continental crust (perhaps the oldest landmass in the world) & ensconced in a dense jungle with tumbling waterfalls, heavily laden fruit trees, & millennia-old rich humus to enrich the soil. The tribes whose ancestors tilled & toiled on the land of the Satvahana & the Ikshvakus started cultivating 100% Arabica which not only got GI tagged but now keeps the baristas busy in London, NY, & Paris.

A gentle plunge...

I first tried the Koraput coffee in a French Press. In the first instant not mindful of the water which had boiled over while I was busy ladling out some wet feed for Cinder, I had to place a fresh pot on the stove till it started to simmer. A 100% Arabica from Saptagiri would require 2Tbsp. of grind for a robust and fragrant brew. 4 mins of steeping & then plunging gently, allows a perfect extraction. I usually have it after sunset; not while I am busy, but when I have the allowance to reflect on the well-balanced cupping notes & appreciate the uniqueness of the brew & contemplate on the land of its origin that quite often draws a silent nod & makes me say– 'Est, Est Est !!!'

Cold Brew Gets A Lot Cooler

  • A Cold Brew coffee is no witch’s secret, nor nor do u need any fancy machines or the discipline of a Shaolin Monk.

  • All that you need is a cup of coarsely ground coffee , preferably an Arabica to which you need to add 4 cups of water v/v ( Not by weight but by volume). Which is 100 gms of coffee to 800 ml of water.

  • Stir it with a wooden spoon to break the bloom & cover the container/jar of coffee with a lid and refrigerate overnight.

  • Next morning give it a good stir and strain it into a clean jug. The jug can be stored in the fridge for a week.

  • For a cold brew, place 4 cubes of ice in the cup and pour the brewed concentrate as required. Dilute it with water or milk as per your preference.

  • Add hot water and milk to the portioned brew for a hot cup of coffee.

  • Have it without milk and sugar – au naturel for 0 calorie, 0 carbs, 0 protein, 0 fat, and yet 100% refreshment

* Note: Coffee is as good as the water it is brewed in.

**An odor and chemical-free filtered water always yield the best result

*** A 100% Arabica renders better returns

**** Scroll down to place an online coffee order for your preferred brew

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